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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Full Court Press

There's one minute to go in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. I've pulled my goalie for an extra attacker and we're throwing everything we can at the net.

That's how I'm approaching finding a new job. I went back to NDU on Monday, and there is a travel coordinator job coming up in one of the schools. I talked to the guy who would be my boss and he thinks I would be good at it. As soon as the job posts I will bid on it. I also applied for an administrative assistant job working for a group of professors at ICAF.
I applied for an administrative position at NIH, but with a different group.
I talked to my friend Charles who works at NDU, and also owns his own contracting company. He told me he is bidding on a job that would be good for me, and he is also going to pass my resume along. It was so nice to go back to a place where I heard how well I was liked and what a good job I did after being beaten down here.
I'm talking to a couple of recruiters too. I figure the more people that help me, the better. I just want out of here. It will be so nice to walk out on them (hopefully right at the peak of the end of the fiscal year) before they push me out.


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