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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life is Good

You know how you wait and wait for something and then as it gets closer you can't believe it has finally happened?
We go on our cruise in 17 days. I booked it in May.
I'm soooooooooooooooooooo excited. W00t.
I got an A in my class last semester. This semester I am taking 2 classes, Intro to Information Organization and Retrieval and Introduction to Information Technology. They are a lot more hands off then my last class... you have to pace yourself, there isn't anyone looking over your shoulder. I have to take a test on Thursday and we leave on Saturday, but it will be worth it.
Jason and I are still doing well...he's cut back on the contact with his family, and I think he is better off. He is happier at work too, which is good. We had a good time over the holidays with my family.
Work is okay...I don't hate it...but there are days I wish I was in school full time. I've pretty much decided after the next fiscal year (October 1) I'm going to leave my job. That way I can get my degree a little sooner and get on to doing what I really want to do.
The thing I'm the most pleased with right now (other than the Caps...woooo!!! Winning is so much better than loosing) is the results I've seen from regular visits to the gym. My clothes fit better, I have more muscle tone and energy. I found a class called Bodukon, which combines martial arts and yoga that kicks my butt once a week. It's awesome...I sweat like a pig.
My Grammy is now moved into the Alzheimer's wing at the nursing home. Dad and Ima are going up next weekend to divide up her stuff from her apartment. I've accepted that she is pretty much gone, but I miss her. I have a lot of hand written cards and letters I have kept over the years and I have been reading them. She was so active only 10 years ago. Tresure the times you have with the people you love, because before you know it...they are gone.