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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Those Six Things

Here are the rules:1. Reveal six weird facts/things/habits about yourself and then tag six people2. Leave a "You're Tagged!" comment to let the people you have tagged know they have to reveal six things (or the entire blogosphere will explode and it will be their fault)3. Leave a comment HERE to let me know when you have completed your mission.

Here are mine:

1. I am a big planner. I love to plan things- I am always the one planning the trips my friends and I go on. I even set a schedule in my head for the weekend days, and pretty much stick to it. I get this from my mom. She told me all about what we were doing in Williamsburg this weekend several weekends ago.

2. I eat really slowly. Super, super slowly. Grammie always told me to appreciate every bite. I can eat at an average pace if I really think about it. :)

3. Almost all of my friends are male. This is the primary reason I joined a sorority in college- to meet women.

4. I’ll try most anything that could be potentially embarrassing. I guess I figure most of the people that witness my embarrassment will never see me again anyway. This has led to a lot of funny moments in my life I look back on fondly.

5. I must have one of counselor faces, because total strangers spill their guts to me all the time.

6. In college, I helped a friend of mine run for City Council. He came within about ten votes of getting a seat. It was a really interesting experience.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I feel pretty good. Still some spotting, but at least it's not the charcoal they use to stop the flow of blood some. Ever bled blackish brown? It's not pretty. That went on for a few days. I had my yearly physical, and everything is good. He said my good cholesterol is especially good. Olive oil and avacados are some of my favorite foods ever, so that must be why. :) Dr. Salbert has salt and pepper hair, which I have always appreciated. He's super nice.
I am loving my place. Three weekends now. John's been over three times (he keeps leaving his socks) I am about half unpacked. It's a lot of work. Ima gave me all these supplies, knives and pots and pans and kitchen tools and even a soft serve ice cream maker. Party at my place!
Tonight I pick up my DSL kit, so I should be back online....provided I don't get distracted by hockey. This time of year is my nirvana. Yesterday I watched three games. The playoffs are a happy time for me. Leah (that's my sister) and Abbi came over to watch the Edmonton Detroit game. We got sandwiches from Safway. Leah brough me mozzarella sandwiches and homemade hummus. Oh, and macaroons. They were on sale after Passover. She even baked some flat bread to go with the hummus. She's coming back on Thursday to help out around the apartment. She's my favorite person ever!
I am a little unsure about the kitty. I went to the Humane Society website and found a kitty in foster care I think I could love. They did the home inspection and the back ground check and I sent in a deposit which they cashed. Now it's been a week and there's been no word from the Society or the foster lady. I am worried. I want to call him Ari. That's his picture.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Jason Story

I’ve known Jason for about six years now. He’s Greek, with dark hair and dark eyes. He’s over six feet tall…and he’s always been a little on the doughy side. That was until this year, when he lost about thirty pounds. Now he’s exactly like I like em, long and lean.
My roommate and I had been getting along horribly for several months, and I decided to move out right around New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately I picked a place that was being built and wasn’t ready until April, but that’s another story. We have a lot of the same friends, and Jason is one of them. In fact, Jason and my roommate grew up together. Jason and I talked on New Year’s Eve for a couple of hours about my roommate, and I cried a little. Jason made me feel a lot better, and at the end of our chat, he hugged me. Let me tell you, it was like lightning struck me. It suddenly occurred to me that Jason was hot.
After that, I asked him to have lunch with me, saying that I was going to be in his area anyway doing some shopping. He ended up inviting me over to his house. He made salmon and tomatoes and sweet potatoes. We had Greek coffee at the end, which was different but good. It was a fantastic date. We are already comfortable with each other, so there was no warming up and making awkward small talk. He made me laugh a lot. I dragged him with me to Target to get a few things for my new place, and we looked at kittens at the Pet Smart. As I was going to leave, there was an uncomfortable pause, and I leaned over to kiss him. He offered me his cheek. So I left.
A couple of weeks later, I asked him to have dinner with me. Again we had a lovely time. He’s very nice, and funny, and smart. We talked for a long time. At dessert he told me that he really likes me, but he doesn’t want to have to choose between dating me and staying friends with my roommate. My roommate and I are civil to each other, but I must confess he is not my favorite person. I’m not sure it’s that big a deal though. All of our other mutual friends have adjusted just fine. We talked more that night, and as he was walking out the door, I stroked his cheek and told Jason that he shouldn’t deny himself what he really wants.
That was it. He helped me move furniture that one day, and we went to dinner with our friend Mark and my roommate. He emailed to ask me how my surgery was which was sweet of him. I’m not going to push him. We’ll see what happens.

Friday, April 14, 2006

All Hail Alexander the Great

Alex had a goal and an assist last night to reach 50 goals and 100+ points. He now has 102 points. When I saw him the summer before last in Carolina at the draft, it was hard to believe he was THAT good. But he is...and it's really weird liking this team for so long and finally having a superstar. Wednesday at practice (some of my friends went, I was still recovering... ) the Caps goalie Olie Kolzig put on his helmet and shot a couple of pucks at Ovechkin, and immitated his huge celebrations... Ovy got back at him by slamming his stick on the crossbar like Olie does when he gets scored on after letting loose a string of curse words. Everyone watching cracked up. I love this kid, so much. He makes me excited for next season.

Video of Ovy getting hit in the face with shaving cream after point 100... very cute.

And just for fun...the goal of the year. Abbi and John and I were watching it at a bar and our jaws just dropped. W00t.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Checking in

The surgery went fine... I am okay. I am going to get mom and I some dinner now. I talked to my brother and sister and my dad to get kisses and hugs. I am very tired, and we'll probably go to bed not long after dinner. Hugs to everyone...thanks for your kind thoughts.

Friday, April 07, 2006

And I'm Off

Moving day woo-hoo!! I'll be offline till Monday. Wish me luck...think rain free thoughts.
Kim, I'll tell you my Jason story then. He's such a sweet man...if a little unsure of himself.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hey Jealousy

Saturday I had John, Dan and Linda, and Jason help me move a couch from my sisters' that I am inheriting and a dresser and bookshelf from my parents. Everything went very smoothly. Jason had to go early to pick up his sister from the train station, so he went home, but my lovely and charming (insert sarcasm here) roommate helped us load it into his house. As he was leaving, John asked me who Jason was. Sunday I took a break from packing and went to see Mike. I was telling him about the move (he couldn't help because he was working) and he asked me who Jason was.
It was pretty funny.