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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ta Da

I got a 95% on the mid-term. Woooooo!! Ari was pretty good until the very end when he started to cry for attention. Apparently a bunch of people whined about some of the questions so she is considering dropping some of them. We'll see.
This time of year is my favorite...I love fall, I love hockey coming back, I love Halloween so much (dressing up, candy apples, pumpkins, parties). We are getting together with friends on Friday night. Saturday is the big showdown Caps vs. Penguins game. I would love for my team to win this, and not just so I can rub it in Geg's face a bit (She started a sports thread of Why Deb Should be a Pens Fan- as if) but because it would be a nice momentum booster for my Caps. Sunday we are gathering for my dad's birthday. It should be fun.
I feel good. Wooooooooo!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ever have one of those good weeks where you feel like you are full of good ideas and you are unstoppable? I am having one of those. Oh, my contract was renewed so now I've been doing my job for a year (and a day).
I made a suggestion to my boss yesterday and he told me it was a good idea.
And I finished my annotated bibliography and I feel good about it- one big project down and 9,000 more to go in library school.
Our professor attending our group discussion this week and was very complimentary towards what I had to say.
I just talked to my advisor (the Dean of the school- maybe she felt left out or something so she decided to advise her own group of students) and we are going to talk about what I am going to take on Tuesday morning. She is super nice. I asked her about possibilities of interning at the Library of Congress and she told me that she could help me with that.
W00t. I feel a little giddy.
Maybe it is just the chilli dog I had for lunch.