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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life is Good

I went over to Jason's last night and he made steak that we marinated in beer and some garlic couscous. It was yummy. I stayed over because I was super tired (the wine with dinner and amaretto in the dessert probably didn't help). So I dragged myself out of bed at 6 and drove home and took a shower.
I got sick and tired of having no DSL service. The modem was working fine, the connections were fine. My computer is fine...I called the tech support on Saturday at 1 and spent an hour troublee shooting things before it worked again. Then by 4 it was down again. The rest of the week, I'd wake up and have no service, and then I'd come home and it would be up again. Or vice versa. They told me they'd have to charge me to come out and fix it. Jason thinks I'm just out of good signal range for service but of course they offer it anyway to take my money. I called the cable modem people and they are coming today.
Sunday we went tubing with Marie and as we were going along this woman asked if Jason was my dad. Then she backpeddled a little and said Jason looked like he could be 26-35 and I could be 15-20. Jason told her he was 34 and I was 30 and she looked stunned. I know I look young for my age, but I didn't think it was THAT young. Sheesh.
JK Rowling's timing with the last book is perfect. I haven't started school, and I have no internet service at home. I am reading it slowly. I sort of understand the people that plowed through it, but this is it, so I am taking my time. And I'm not looking at any spoilers, so please don't tell me any.
This weekend we are going down to see our friends Kate and Jason who live in Raleigh. They had a baby boy in January. I can't wait to meet him...he looks super cute in pictures. We are going to lounge by their pool and just relax.
I have orientation for school on the 13th of August. I can't wait. Woooooooooo!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I can be good. I said nothing in that thread.
I might possibly have bitten my tongue off saying nothing, but I CAN be good.
We had a wonderful time in Seattle. Everyone was lovely and welcomed Jason with open arms. I did feel like he was recruited heavily to post on OT.
Unfortunately I'm still in the dark ages and I have to get my film developed. :)
I have no internet connection at home anyway. I have the dredded red bar on my DSL thingie.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time to get the Heck Out of Dodge

Tonight we'll be spending the evening with my happy family and staying with Ima and dad before going to the airport tomorrow. Dad's decided that in exhange for all the taxi services and kitty sitting services he would like the new Caps jersey. They went back to red white and blue.
I've been a little restless and frustrated with my job of late. Okay, a lot frustrated. I cried to Jason on the phone on Monday. I need a break, so this is good timing.
Yesterday dad, Marie, Abbi, Abbi's sister and I went to watch the Caps's rookies at rookie camp. Some of them looked pretty good. I took lots of pictures. We went out for dinner afterwards.
I can't wait to be at the bed and breakfast, sleeping in, snuggling up to Jason in the morning light, the big bbq...seeing everyone....I'm really excited. Jason's been taking care of his parents since his mom's heart surgery and I am aiming to spoil him as much as possible this weekend. He deserves it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Picture

When I was in high school for senior year AP English, we got to do projects instead of a final since we were taking the AP test. My friend Art (yes, this led to several comic exhanges with my Ima) and I made a mural of a scene from Henry IV that took an entire wall of the class room. It was a lot of work. I have fond memories of painstakingly sponging in blades of grass different shades of green. My sister would stare at it a couple of years later in class when she was bored. The paint started to go a year later and they painted the wall white again, but it was pretty cool to be part of something that lasted.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Karma is a big old...

Jason and I had dinner with my former co-worker Rashida on Friday, who is a fabulous person and super fun.
She told me my old admin officer, Kelli (who treated me more like her person slave than her tech) had gotten herself in serious trouble at work. She was arguing with another admin officer and she stormed into the breakroom and said "I hate that stupid bitch" loud enough that the whole office and the person in question heard her. When confronted about it, she denied the entire thing and said everything was fine. Needless to say, it was not a shock when a couple weeks later she was out of that institute (not to mine, thank goodness) and in another job. Now the other admin officer that made my life so miserable is miserable herself and is probably on her way out too. Here's a refresher post... (July 19th)

Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm on cloud 9 today

I know most people here don't like hockey, but my Caps have FINALLY stopped rebuilding and went out and got some players yesterday and today.
Is rebuilding the most annoying cliche in all of sports? "Yeah, our team sucks...but don't worry, we're rebuilding. You'll just have to enjoy a few seasons of pain and suffering but then they'll be good again, I promise." Sheesh.
I'm really excited and want it to be October NOW.
Okay, maybe after the Seattle peep meet. :)