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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Good and Bad News

I am going to have surgery on my cervix. April 11th. Read all about it.
Mom is coming up to hold my hand. Thank goodness for my family. I know I am truly blessed. It will take three to six weeks to heal. Then hopefully I will have no more dysplasia.
I'm going to see the gentleman who calls me "sexy little one" tonight. He's 6'4, shaved head, and has a bit of a British accent from his extensive travel there. We're going to watch the Caps game. He's nice.
Oh, and my car is being worked on as we speak. Dad drove it to the body shop this morning. Yet another reason why my family rocks.
One more week from tomorrow and I move into my own apartment. I've never lived alone. This is going to be very exciting.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Ups and Downs of Life

My grandmother is here this week visiting my parents. Saturday I was going to Carolina with the Caps Road Crew and the bus was leaving from Springfield Mall, about fifteen minutes from my parents. So I dropped by and surprised my grandmother. We spent some time talking, and then I left to catch the bus. As I was coming around the corner, I saw a mini-van backing up out of its driveway. I honked the horn, realizing he wasn’t paying any attention to me. Still he didn’t stop…so I laid on the horn. He smacked right into me, on the driver’s side. He hit me hard enough that the front panel at the driver side came off the car. Then he tells me he has to go pick up his wife and daughter at religious school. So I took down his house number and phone number and told him when he returned to go to my parent’s and give them his insurance information. I left my car at my parents and borrowed their Saturn to go meet the bus.
The trip was great. The Caps won, Ovechkin scored again, and they played the best game defensively I’ve seen in a long time. The final score was 3-1. We had a great tail-gate party with burgers and hotdogs and lots of salads and brownies for desert. It was fun hanging out with all of my friends. Abbi went with me, and she had a great time too.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm Okay....

Well, my latest pap test still shows the dysplasia, or the bad cells that can turn cancerous. They want me to see on oncologist on Tuesday. Fortunately, it still takes over ten years for the cells to turn cancerous, so catching this now is excellent. I had a good cry yesterday, but I feel better today. 70% of the cases just clear up on their own. Anyway, good thoughts for me are always helpful.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Best Nickname Ever

One of the guys I've been seeing lately called me "sexy little one." Sure beats the heck out of Deb.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Final Cruise Post

Wednesday the six of us went shopping in St. Maarten. I bought this really lovely tanzanite and diamond bracelet in white gold. I talked her down to half of her starting price, so I felt good about it. I looked on line, and what I paid was in fact about half the price of the bracelets I saw online. W00t. I bought my mom a pretty ring for Mother’s Day too. It’s a garnet heart. We went back to the boat for lunch, and then Marie and Abbi and I went snorkeling. We had a great time. We got to feed the fish. That night was my birthday. It was so nice of my parents to arrange for a cake to be there.
The last two days on the boat I spent time swimming and sunning, and Thursday I had a body treatment. They spread this mud stuff on and I washed it off, and I had a massage. The lady massaged my scalp and gave me a pressure point foot massage. I am super ticklish on my feet, but with the pressure points, it was fine. She tried to push a bunch of stuff on me at the end, but I politely declined. My skin felt very nice.
On Friday I had a session with the personal trainer on the ship, Matthew. He was cute and skinny and British. He said “golly good” and I got to watch his cute little butt clench. He showed me several combination exercises that worked several muscle groups at once. It was excellent. I was so sore the next two days.
All told, I spent just the right amount of time with everyone, and still had plenty of time to myself. I came home a little tan, and very relaxed. It was the perfect vacation.

Monday, March 06, 2006

What I did on my winter vacation continued

Victor was adorable. He always said "Hello Debbie" as soon as I came in the dinning room. I do have pictures, but I am lame, and I forgot to check the box with the CD option, so I have to either reprint the CD or find a scanner. I have pictures of him, pictures of the cake, pictures of me with the family that bought the wine....I still have one roll that I did select the CD option on that is being developed.
Anyway, I did a lot on the boat. I tried to spend time with all of my friends. Dan, Linda, Marie and I spent one evening singing songs until 2 AM at the piano bar. It was a lot of fun. The singer sang a very dirty version of Piano Man. Marie and Abbi and I spent some time sunning and hanging out on the deck. When we were in San Juan, Abbi, Linda, Dan, Stephen and I went shopping. It was fun. We went to a bar too and drank those yard long drinks. Marie and Abbi and I went dancing that night on the boat. I talked to several cute crew members who were all from Italy. In St. Thomas, all six of us went shopping in the morning. I bought a ring for myself, and a ring for mom for Mother's Day. It's a garnet heart. I think she will love it. That afternoon, Abbi and I took a boating excursion to St. John. We went snorkling. I love snorkling, it's very peaceful being under the water. After the snorkling, they served us drinks and snacks. I was wearing my Caps draft shirt I got when we went down to see Ovechkin drafted, and I talked to this cute girl who was a Rangers fan on the boat. Of course she did the usual "I'm sorry" when I told her I was a Caps fan, and I always respond to that "Don't be... we have Ovechkin" She said nothing, because Ovechkin is THAT GOOD. We talked about how good he was for a bit. Then on the van ride back to the docks I talked to this couple from Nashville who had Predators season tickets. It was fun. Abbi had several of the glasses of champagne, and a couple of these mixed drinks that were like a pina colada but without the thickness. They called them pain killers. Then we went our separate ways before dinner. Apparently, then Abbi and Marie had a couple of drinks on the boat. Each day they had a drink special in the Carnival glass you could buy for cheaper. Needless to say, Abbi needed help standing up that night as we were waiting for dinner. She was a bit embarassing. She was loud, and she kept taking pictures of random people's body parts with her digital camera. Marie thanfully, was much better behaved.
to be continued....