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Friday, March 21, 2008

*struts in*

*Struts in, Saturday Night Fever style*
*gives Bloggy friends high five*

I'm taking two classes, working full time, and I just got a 100% on BOTH


*struts out*

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cruise Pictures

Valentine's Day.

They say it's my birthday....

In Keywest.

Jason on our balcony looking out at Jamaica.

The lovely water in Jamaica.

In Key West on the beach. :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Everything is Good...except work...sort of

Boston 2
Washington 10

BOS: Wideman, D. (PPG, 00:36 in 2nd), Sturm, M. (17:03 in 2nd)
WSH: Cooke, M. (00:32 in 1st), Ovechkin, A. (06:18 in 1st), Ovechkin, A. (07:08 in 1st), Bradley, M. (08:29 in 1st), Ovechkin, A. (PPG, 15:31 in 1st), Laich, B. (PPG, 18:43 in 1st), Backstrom, N. (07:50 in 2nd), Brashear, D. (16:31 in 2nd), Laich, B. (PPG, 02:03 in 3rd), Bradley, M. (PPG, 18:15 in 3rd)

W00t. That's one of those games dad and I will break out over the summer when we have hockey withdrawl. Jason and I are going to Boston on Saturday for the rematch with about 50 of our closest friends and our reception should be...hostile.

School wise, I have a mid term this week, then a project the week after. I am listening to a dude talk about information retrieval systems while I type. I got a 99% and a 96% on my last two assignments for each class. So it seems to be going well.

I checked on the pictures Sunday and they didn't have them and since then I've been working on my mid term. But I should take a look again tomorrow. I could use a jolt of Caribbean sun. I've been having a lot of work apathy of late. My job is...okay. I've been showing up late a lot, and doing school work a lot. Maybe I'll take a me day soon. Or a me half day. Anyway, I think the dude is just about done giving his personal history (I couldn't figure out how to skip it good thing I'm only taking intro to IT) so I'd better start paying attention.