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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Saturday we agreed to spend the day with a friend of ours (Steve), his girlfriend (Jessie), and a friend of hers (I have no idea if her name was Julia or Tiffany, she seemed to alternate so I'll call her Julany.)
You know those people who think that every second should be filled with talking? Well Julany and Jessie talked and talked and talked. In high, squeaky, baby voices. Generally I'm a pretty low-key person. But these girls annoyed me in three seconds of being with them. Jessie had planned that we go to a place in Fellspoint called Bertha's Mussels and then go see the Baltimore Aquarium. Lunch was tasty. Jessie started complaining she was tired after eating and shouldn't have. (Although I have a sneaking suspicion she would have complained she was starving if she didn't eat.) We got in line for tickets to the Aquarium and the earliest ticket they had (they are timed) was for two hours later. So Jessie started whining and pouting. We decided we wanted to go to the Aquarium anyway. It was an incredibly gorgeous day, we were on the water, and Jessie decided she couldn't be outside for one more second. So we went to Barnes and Noble. I made sure we separated from Jessie and Steve and Julany for an hour of bliss. Then we went back outside and did some walking around. We shared some softserve ice cream while Jessie Steve and Julany rushed to be the first people to get in with timed tickets. When we went in, the three of them were sitting in the cafeteria because Jessie was tired, and her feet hurt.
Jason and I saw the Aquarium by ourselves. It was very nice but extremely crowded. We caught up with them at the end. Jessie complained the entire walk back that her feet hurt. Julany kept trying to snuggle up to her to comfort her. The ride home they read books (thank goodness) while Steve and Jason and I talked. We had dinner at Bennigans and FINALLY my temper got the better of me (I was proud of myself I had stayed silent all day) when Jessie was still whining and crying and she apologized. And I said "that's okay, we're not listening anyway."
If I get invited to another outing with Jessie and Steve, I plan on washing my hair instead. I don't think Steve would be pleased if I smacked his girlfriend. :-)

Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm So Happy

It's a beautiful day, and I'm about to get out for a bit and meet Jason for coffee.
I finished my semester. I had two exams to finish up this week which I did SO I'M DONE!!! We scrubbed my apartment and I hired a service that came in for a couple of hours, so we're getting my deposit back minus my last gas/water bill. Jason was such a big help to me. He vaccumed the entire place for me and cleaned the windows. He carried multiple boxes of my stuff to and from the car. And he never even once complained. He even went over and picked up the last remaining items on Sunday so I could have a peep meet with Karchita and Fishwoman. On Monday he let the cleaning service in because I had a meeting with another lab chief about working for her and not Dr. Jackhole.
Jason is the best boyfriend I've ever had.
*happy sigh* I'm so in love with him.