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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm Used to Fighting My Own Fights

Now I can't... and it's so frustrating. Jason's mom is so hateful and mean and she KNEW what she said would get back to me. And the way his parents treat Jason is he's a little boy.
There is nothing I can do though. They don't want to see me, and believe me, the feeling is entirely mutual.
What on earth would I say to them? "So... you hate me. Ever plan on not?"
Can I call the ADL and have them picket their house? Sheesh.
What a mess.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Holidays

Friday we had a party in the lab I work for in the afternoon. It was fun and Jason got to meet everyone. I brought a shrimp salad. That night Jason came over and we wrapped presents. My gift wrapping skills stink, so we use gift bags. Jason said he'd teach me sometime. Saturday we went shopping for dinner with my family and for the bruchetta I said I'd make for the holiday party we were going to that night with our friends. While I made the bruchetta, Jason vacuumed my apartment and took out the trash. He's such a sweetie. The party was fun, 21 people who all know each other to varying degrees, some from high school, some from college, some like me, from after. I showed my ring to Linda and Dan and they both admired it. We swap presents of $5 or less. The most fought over item was the George Bush toilet paper. We also each got stockings. There was some cool stuff in mine. We had a good time.
Sunday my entire family came over for Hannukah lunch. Jason made a mustard and garlic seasoned sirloin and I made latkes. Leah brought a yummy salad (spinach, mandarin oranges, goat cheese, dried cherries and toasted walnus on the side) and Ima made mac and cheese since Leah is a veg. Kate brought some yummy cookies and Leah made lemon bars and these peanut butter balls which were SO good. Everyone ate well. We traded presents, and Leah got me for the big gift this year. She got me Season 2 of Veronica Mars, which is going to be so cool. Andrew had Jason and he got him this graphic design computer program. I had Ima and I got her this cool necklace and earring set I got her at the Smithsonian folk life festival way back in July. I also got her some handmade lotions from the Renaissance Festival and the book Why Mommy is a Democrat. Leah read it aloud since she is a kindergarten teacher. I also got Season 4 of Coupling and some earrings from Ima and Dad. Jon and Kate gave us a picture of our family from their wedding. It's a lovely picture... but I do kind of have this look on my face like "Oh crap, it's cold, let's hurry it up here." Jason got me this book on the gems from the Natural History Museum which I love, it is my favorite part of the museum. I love the shiny things. :) Ari came out when we were sitting down opening presents and everyone gave him some love. Jason took out the trash and took my keys with him since my building is secure. He kept them in his pocket when he left.... so I got a call a little later and I suggested we just carpool today. So we did.
Today, the other lab I work for in the morning had their party so Jason met everyone there. I made latkes. I figured I would just make more since I made so many already. They came out nice. I didn't get to grab seconds yesterday so I made sure to today. :)
Now I am ready to drop. Whew. But the good part is: I'm done with the shopping and the cleaning and the stressing. And my place smells nice and is clean. It's only 9:30, but I think I'm going to bed. :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You Again?

My old relationships seem to be coming out of the woodwork these past couple of weeks.
Mike and I still chat by phone every couple of weeks. He's a nice guy, if a little full of himself. We were talking about his new relationship and out of the blue he tells me he "never should have let me go."
I was just like dude- you served your purpose.... and I stopped seeing you when I started seeing J. Sheesh.
Then last night I got a call from David. He's in the Navy, and a long time ago (I don't know, maybe seven years ago) we went on a couple of dates. Now we're friends. He invites me to a Christmas party hosted by his unit in Virginia Beach... with a hotel. I explained to him that 1) I wouldn't go because I'm dating someone else (which he knows) and 2) I'm not interested in him that way.
He says okay, and we talk more, and then he tells me that he's certain if we kept dating from way back when "we'd be living together now."
Um.... sure. Except not.
Then yesterday I get this email from a guy who I haven't seen in years who I went on one dinner date with. He tells me he's been thinking about me and wants to get together sometime.
The only thing I can think is people get lonely over the holidays. My friend John told me this is the first Christmas he's going to be alone in years and he really seems to be taking it hard.
Anyway, I told Dan when I was chatting with him yesterday that it just reaffirms I should be with Jason. And now we've been dating six months. I think about him and my heart is happy.

Friday, December 08, 2006

My Family Kicks Ass

We spent last weekend in Colonial Williamsburg. Last year it was just Ima, Leah, and myself. And gosh was it COLD. This year though it was everyone. (I was talking to my gym owner and he asked me if Jason and I had our own room and I just looked at him. I am 29 years old. Sheesh.)
We had an awesome time. Saturday the local garden club decorates several of the historic houses for Christmas with wreaths and those topiary thingies and they decorate the fireplaces. It's really stunning. I know if I grabbed some apples some flowers and some greens and tried to make a wreath it would not look that good. Leah and Ima and I did that while we left the guys to their own devices. Saturday night Jon and Kate arrived and we all went to dinner at Kings Arms Tavern. It was delicious. Saturday night Jon, Kate, Leah, Andrew, Jason and I talked til about midnight. All the kids are at a bit of a crossroads. Jon's married to Kate now, and they are going back to Ithica, NY to start their PhD's at Cornell. Leah is applying to PhD programs around the country and will be taking Andrew with her. :) It was nice to chat for a while.
Sunday we went to lunch with Ima and dad and Jon and Kate. Leah and Andrew met their friends for lunch. Jason bought me this lovely garnet ring set in silver from the jewler. It's handmade and gorgeous. I couldn't stop smiling after he gave it to me. He's such a sweetie. We walked back to the hotel and took a nice nap. We had a late night Saturday so it was much enjoyed. We met everyone back in the historic area and waited for Grand Illumination. They have singers and entertainers and they light the historic buildings with candles in the windows. And they have fireworks. Leah caught some kind of bug so Andrew took her back to the hotel (which was too bad) but the rest of us really enjoyed it. I had a lovely time.

We got home and continued our Williamsburg experience after we got home by having ham biscuits and gingerbread cookies picnic style. It was so nice.